All State and Territory Residex Reports for the quarter ending March 2011 are now available!

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The Residex Reports are a must for serious investors or any institution wanting to understand the housing market. The Residex Report is the only report of its type available in Australia. The Report tells you what has happened in the market along with Residex’s statistical predictions and expert market commentary.

The table below is a summary of how capital cities across Australia have performed, and an example of the data our Reports provide you with.


Area Median Value Capital Growth Rent Rate Sales Affordability Stock Position Shortage
Year Ending Mar 2011 Last Quarter Month Ending Mar 2011 Year Change See Note 1 See Note 2
ACT $537,500 6.02% 0.01% 4.66% -3.76% 50.23% 5000
Adelaide $408,500 1.72% 0.03% 4.28% -1.86% 49.52% 7000
Brisbane $447,500 -2.89% -2.23% 4.49% -14.66% 49.28% 2000
Darwin $508,000 0.97% -1.64% 5.14% -32.55% 44.73% 1000
Hobart $389,000 5.51% 0.42% 4.83% -17.96% 53.93% 4000
Melbourne $600,500 6.73% 1.20% 3.30% 17.67% 69.78% 25000
Perth $485,500 -0.27% -0.41% 4.08% -16.18% 50.53% 7000
Sydney $670,000 4.52% -0.51% 3.97% -13.60% 68.47% 6000
Australia $441,500 2.90% -0.55% 4.37% -7.31% N/A N/A

Note 1:
The number is the percentage of the after tax income a home loan repayment takes of after tax household income. We assume current home loan interest rates and a 20% deposit for the median home and that a household has the median income.

Note 2:
This number represents the number of dwellings we have calculated as needed or under supplied. An over supply is represented by a red number while black indicates there is a potential shortage. The numbers have been calculated based on ABS immigration, natural increase some 20 plus years ago and construction numbers. We have also made allowances for household people density.

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Each Report is broken down to a suburb level, so when purchasing the Report for the State or Territory of your choice, you can compare suburbs, find a location you can afford, check out its historical performance, look at rental returns and see the predictions for its region.
For the State or Territory of your choice, each Residex Report will give you:

  • Expert Market Commentary by John Edwards, Residex CEO.
  • A current economic summary
  • Determination of Affordability, Demand, Market Sector Activity, Best and Worst areas and Population movements etc.
  • Capital city statistics
  • Local Government Areas and Residex Regional data
  • Sales Activity Report
  • Residex Region Summary
  • Suburb Listing Tables

Note: The electronic copy of the Report is provided in PDF format; the data contained in the Report is designed to be read as is, not imported into a spreadsheet program. If you want a copy of the tables in a spreadsheet then just simply call us and our staff will arrange for you.

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“Your Residex Report is unbeatable value. Nowhere else can we find all we need to know about the property market and be able to separate the facts from the fiction.”
Ron Cross, C.E.O, Park Trent Properties Group



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