Guest Post: Best Rent Sneak Peak

When Rental Yield Is Not Enough

by Jane Slack-Smith

I was recently reading the latest Residex Best Rent Report, which was released a couple of weeks ago. There are some notable suburbs in the report showing amazing yields – in fact one suburb in South Australia has a rental yield of over 7% – but the predicted capital growth is not that hot.

That got me thinking… I am often asked what is more important – cash flow or capital growth?

Capital growth versus cash flow has been a hotly contested topic in property investing since the year dot and most people stand firmly in one camp or the other. On the other hand, I have always considered that both are important. After all, if I can achieve both then this allows me to build a portfolio without having large out of pocket expenses each month.

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Best Rent Report Now Available

Are you stuck for gift ideas this Christmas?

The December quarter Best Rent Report is a great gift idea, plus we’ll give you a State Market Report with every purchase – absolutely free!

The December quarter Best Rent Report is now available. Featuring the top 50+ suburbs across Australia for investor returns, this report is ideal for those seeking their next investment property.

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August Property Market Update

Further rate reductions on the horizon

It was only about 18 months ago that the housing market was full of gloomy news. Many of the worst performing areas in Australia were on the Gold Coast where there was a significant oversupply of stock and values had fallen by amounts not seen since the Great Depression.

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May Property Market Update

Median house price in Sydney exceeds $700,000

The latest statistics reveal that there are a number of significant news stories to be told and depending on which way you look at things, the news could be good or bad.

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March 2013 Property Market Update

Housing markets strengthen but further action needed

As housing markets grow in strength I am again drawn to the issues and problems associated with the Reserve Bank’s single tool of economic management – the setting of the cash rate.

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February 2013 Property Market Update

Positive news for Australian housing markets

Things in the financial world and the Australian housing market are looking fine and I am pleased to be delivering a positive newsletter. The Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment rose from 108.3 in February to 110.5 in March. This follows the 7.7% jump in the Index which printed in February and marks the fifth consecutive month that it has registered above 100. Much of the population is feeling positive about the current situation.

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