June Market Update

Market Update

May proved a relatively positive quarter for Australia’s housing market. A snapshot of the May statistics is presented in Table 1.

Of the house markets, the Hobart market recorded the strongest quarterly growth gains in May with the median house increasing in value by 2.59%. This was followed by Country NSW houses, which posted 2.39% growth for the quarter.

In the unit market, the median Hobart unit increased by a shocking 6.66% in the May quarter. Regional Queensland was a very distant second, where median units increased by 2.44% over the same time period.

Table 1: May 2016 Summary

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December Property Market Update

Sydney and Melbourne moving to a renter’s market

Australian dwellings produced a satisfactory result for the year ending December 2013, indicating that the correction phase in the market has come to an end and growth is again presenting.

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September Property Market Update

No Housing Bubble on the Horizon

All is going well for Australia relative to most developed countries of the world. The Reserve Bank and the government should be comfortable with the transition process taking place as the country moves away from the mining boom to a more normal economy.

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From the CEO

Australian housing market strengthens but remain fragile

On an Australia wide basis, the housing market is strengthening and is once again producing monthly growth that is more in line with the long term trend (see the graph Australia Trend). However, the market is fragile and any significant international financial shocks will quickly reverse the trend.

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