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Here at Residex, it is our priority to provide the most up to date and comprehensive information about the Australian Property Market. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to see more of or if you simply have an interesting property market related topic you would like to discuss, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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20 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. How can I find the average rental increases over the last five- ten years in the capital cities?

    thank you

  2. Can you tell me how the Australia wide median house price is calculated for each period?
    I presume it is a weighted average of the Capital city and regional medians. If so what weighting factors are used and how are they derived?
    How far back have these Australia wide median prices been caclulated on a consistent basis and can I obtain the historical time series for these values?

  3. Hi Dennis,
    The median rent is calculated from various sources of weekly rental information we have stored in our databases. It tells you the typical amount of rent, per week, you can expect in any given area.

  4. In reference to the Best Rental report, is Darwin being added to this report?


  5. Hi David,
    It would appear there were no suburbs in this quarter’s report that met the criteria used (there are a certain number of dwellings and sales required in an area for a location to feature in the Report). If there is a particular area in/around Darwin you are interested in get more details on, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 9409 0333. The June 2012 statistics have also just been released and show the 5 year prediction for Darwin.

  6. Recently I was watching Foxtel and John mentioned using a property broker to purchase housing. Can you recommend any in Brisbane ?

  7. Hi Tania,
    Unfortunately John doesn’t have any mortgage broker connections in Brisbane.

  8. Hi,
    Property reports provide attribute details for the specified dress. Suburb/LGA and State statistics are for the median property in the specified area.

  9. As a long time follower of Residex, I don’t have any suggestions to add. However, my daughter recently married in the USA, and is thinking of investing in real estate over there. Do you know of any companies in the USA that offer a similar service to Residex?

  10. Hi Daniel,
    Could you please get in touch with us. The best contact person is Graeme Weatherill on 0414 888 375.


  11. Do you have an email address where I am able to contact you directly?



  12. What has happened to your monthly property updates? There doesn’t seem to have been anything since October last year.

  13. Hi Steve,
    The December update was posted yesterday, which can be accessed by clicking here.

    The office was closed over the Christmas and New Year period, which is why there was a little extra time between posts.

    Please let me know if I can help with anything else.


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